While the surface of the ThermaVu is rated for extreme weather conditionswe recommend placing it under a canopied area if it must be placed outdoors.  

Up to 2000 ThermaVu devices can be linked together through the accompanying software on a server. 

An individual will know their temperature within two seconds of initiating the scanning process

ThermaVu scanners typically arrive within two weeks of ordering. 

The device will only collect and store the data set up in the software by the device owner. The owner has the option to store an individual’s name along with their temperature if they choose.

For simple access to the camera to do thermal scanning it does not require internet.  However in order to access facial recognition yes the display will need to be hooked up to a local network.

For the ThermaVu it will detect a temperature at approximately 3-4 feet away.

The ThermaVu will alert you by flashing red with the light on the top of the display. It will also notify by saying “Abnormal Temperature”.

Each device comes with a one year warranty.  If a scanner is beyond remote repair the scanner may be shipped back to LMG for repair within the warranty window.

The temperature reading time of the ThermaVu is under 2 seconds.